Dandelion Cup On-The-Go Menstrual Cup Wipes

by Dandelion Cup
Dandelion Cup On-The-Go Menstrual Cup Wipes
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Dandelion On-the-Go Menstrual Cup Cleaning Wipes are perfect for cleaning your menstrual cup – especially while out and about! Convenient for travel, camping, public restrooms, or any time water isn’t available for rinsing. Non-irritating, these water-based wipes are alcohol-free, free of perfumes and dyes, and free of harsh chemicals. Individually and discreetly wrapped, these single use wipes will fit easily in your purse or pocket. Safe to use on the body, these wipes can also be used as a quick fix when there’s no time to shower. Great for camping, public restrooms, travel, before or after intimacy, the gym, after work … any time you want to freshen up or clean your menstrual cup. Please do not flush.

Ingredients: 99.8% purified water, 0.2% chlorhexidine

* Easily and safely clean your menstrual cup on-the-go when water is not available* Non-irritating – No harsh chemicals, No alcohol, No Perfumes.* Individually and discreetly wrapped –easily fits in your purse or pocket * Convenient portable menstrual cup cleaning solution - great for travel, public restrooms, camping, etc.